Up For The Downstroke...

My father is a drummer.. when he wasn't on tour or on the road... I loved spending time in the studio with him. I of course loved to hear him play... but it was when he was doing his "stick" work that made me sooo relaxed I would fall asleep. If you don't know much about drums the stick work is just this fast rhythmic repetition of the drums sticks... To this day if I go to the house and he is in the studio I will go and take a nap listening to him play... it is one of the most comforting sounds to me
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This is a nice little story. A comforting memory from your childhood that is carried over into today. Made me stop and think about what made me happy as a kid instead of just focusing on the negative stuff as I usually do. Thank you for sharing this with us.

i thought you were talking about the parliments song. GET UP FOR THE DOWN STROKE. but keep listening to his funky beat an sooth your mind.

I was

ok i just wasn't sure my red lady.