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Music makes me feel that everything is possible. In music, there is no race, or creed or any kind of ism to separate people. It's open to everybody. I love all kinds of music, rock, classical, jazz, soul, r&b, blues, country, world, afro beat. Whatever you got, I'll give it a listen. As Duke Ellington said, a great song is beyond category. So jazz is not jazz, country is not country. When it's good, it's music.
Listening to music reaffirms my belief that there is great beauty in the world, and life is worth living.
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very well said.

couldn't agree more.


Well said. Music can be transending.

Some music is transcendent. I think transcendency is a rear state as most music is crap,and always have been. It just that we remember the good stuff.For every Elvis, there are a hundred Fabians. Chuck Berry's bigest selling song is My Dingaling, definitely not transcendent.

For sure. I am always looking for new music to listen to. Or a CD from musicians that I have liked. Then I give the CD a listen, in my pickup while driving. If I let it keep going, time after time. then would rate it as good. Not many make that group. And there is one group above that. The few songs that I love. For an artist, there seem to be times in their career when they do their best work. And there is a hill on both sides.
Then there are the songs that our band plays. Sometimes for me, if we play a particular song well, it might move above songs that I like better. Just got to make music.