Music.. Is How I Express

I've always been a guy who has a hard time expressing himself to other people, even though I'm a Communication Arts student (I always find that ironic). I'm an average speaker and an average writer.. (For now hopefully)

It's quite rare for me to share and open up about myself and other deep personal thoughts. It's like this whether if it is my family or to my friends (Of course there were those Ex's and other close friends that I was really open with, but now we just aren't as close, things change).. And it has become a frustration for me to express myself. I want to share my thoughts, my experiences with other people, I want to have someone who I can really open up to and be myself. But I just can't, I can't find the right opportunity and sometimes (or most of the times probably) I just don't have the guts to do it or to say it.

But thank God there is always one thing that really helps me to express myself.. And that is music.. In my imaginations, I would sing; sing songs about life, play the bass and other instruments, and do what a musician does... But this desire to express myself through music has become a frustration too.. Like I said, I usually just don't have the opportunity, or sometimes I would just mess up on those opportunities and sometimes I just don't have the guts to do it.

But I haven't given up yet.. I'm still holding on to this dream of starting a band and reach out to people, write songs (especially with the band; sharing and discussing music with your band seems so fun and deep), tell stories, and etc., all through music, I also have the name for my future band and I do write songs sometimes (I'm trying to finish a few ones that I've written recently, actually)...

I really hope I'll be able to pull this off someday... Someday...
But God even if this dream won't come true, I thank you for the gift of music.
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You should start taking those opportuinities. But you already know that, so who am I to tell you that.
I just hope you wont regret not taking risks and chances.
Take baby steps :)
Talk with someone online. It's easier when you can't see them face-to-face.
Then I bet it will lead to more...
I know for sure music has helped me a lot too and I want to share it with others as well.

Yeah.. Thanks.. I'm quite a positive guy, I always look at the bright side of things at least.. So I'm really going take some risks because I do believe I will learn a lot from these risks.
Yeah exactly! Expressing here, sharing my thoughts, and talking to guys like you.. It really helps =)..
I really appreciate it..

Well great! You are heading the right way, you just need a little push, huh? :)

Yeah =D.. I don't know how long it would take but.. I'm waiting for that push.. =)


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