Through The Day

You awake to Music and fall asleep listening to music. You listen to music through the day and in the car.  Music courses thru you.  One listens to the soundtrack through life.

Music can uplift you, excite you and relax you.  Loud, soft and so much in between.  It can make you sentimental, energized, ready to face your day.  We have our favorites.  Then there are new artists to explore and so many various genres to listen to.

Finding that song/album/disk after a long search can make you happy.  Songs do make you crt.  Such a range of emotions. Friends share their favorites:  new and old.  Some you may have heard of and others can be fun to listen to.    Others you love a rift or a few words.  All make the soundtrack of your life.
jml2000 jml2000
61-65, M
Feb 10, 2013