Music Sings My Feelings Out For Me...

if i want to yell & scream at the top of my lungs, cry until the tears wont come anymore, or dance around just acting totally crazy there is always a song to say what i feel.  im the kind of person who lives 4 music & art, it makes my world go round!  i sometimes remember things that have happened in the past just because of what song was playin! i've woken up with a melody in my head that feels like i know everything about it but have never heard it, so if i see a really good poem i use some of it 4 lyrics to my lil melody!
StupidAngel StupidAngel
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5 Responses Aug 8, 2007

Everyday I am ears deep in melody, until I make that painful choice to sing along, then the song becomes dumb and noisey, but for whatever reason I don't stop even though I couldn't carry a tune ins wheel barrel. Lol.

I dont want to imagine the world without music!!

music moves the soul.

I feel the same!!<br />
<br />
listen to this....check out some more songs while you're there. I think you'll like it. IF you do hit MIX ITand tell all your friends to go listen.