I Could Not Live Without Music.

Well im 28 and before you judge I am not a chav!

But the only thing  I listen to and Love is old skool and bouncy house tunes, I love a night out to rave the night away cos I always have a permanent smile on my face, If im angry or upset my way to cakm down is to just get in my car blast my tunes and go for a long drive and gauranteed I came back in a better mood.  For some crazy reason its just like that "Euphoria feeling" all the time and keeps me on a high.

The down side is im a very emotional person so if im sat somewhere like in a pub or just any where really and a sad tune comes on like Westlife "You raise me up"  I just burst into tears and I just feel like a weirdo and I cant have Christmas songs on at Christmas cos I spend the day crying cos the whole thing is just to overwhelming - I means whats all that about??


oldskoolraver oldskoolraver
1 Response Feb 13, 2009

the best way to feel better is to get in your car and go for a long drive and just crank the tunes... its just the solitude and confined space of a car and its just you a road and music... great times