My Passion For Music

Music is a passion for me. I don't just listen to it, I feel it as well. I love all kinds of music but mostly older rock. (except elevator music and that electronic stuff that sounds like your playing a record backwards!) I not only enjoy listening to it, I love playing it.  I remember when I was 3 years old my sisters dad playing a song on his guitar. With the notes I remember, I think it was an oldies song called Color My World. I also remeber falling asleep every night to the songs House Of the Rising Sun, Knights in White Satin, Wicked Game and other similar songs. When I was about 5, I found my moms guitar in her closet she never used. As I played with it I ended up playing part of the song my sisters dad used to play. As the years went by I got with this guy when I was 15. He had a giutar and I started noticing that I could actally hear the indiviual notes played in nearly all music with gutars. I started playing and was able to copy some parts of diferent songs. The realtionship ened and I did not touch another guitar for about 14 years. I forgot everything. Just recently I have finally picked up a giutar. I have never been so dedicated to it as I am now. I am finally learning how to read sheet music and catching on quicker then I thought I would. There isn't anything that compares to the feeling of power, soul and passion you can get by playing the guitar(at least for me). It is an instant cure for any anxiety attacks I have, stress, depressing times, other problems and is fun. When you are playing you drift off into another world. Most of everything and everyone disapear and become non existant.      

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3 Responses Mar 22, 2009

music for me is a need part of my well being menue and when sweet jazzy chords reach my ears i feed my soul real blisss

its the same for me i love my guitar.

What a wonderful way to become grounded in the moment. I love listening to somebody play guitar and sing. I am not gifted that way. Sounds like this is one of your natural gifts that has been waiting to be claimed by you.