The Feeling

From the second I hear a song I can tell if I just like it or if I love it. I can't just listen to music I have to hear the music; meaning I have to hear the message in a song that's just for me. If the song has no meaning to me then I'm not interested but once I find it I get a tingly feeling inside and suddenly everything feels right. Sometimes it takes me awhile before I find that message but usually it comes at the right time. The songs I like change with the season. A spring song wont work for me in the fall. I have a list of "special songs". My special song list is so short compared to the list of songs I like. My special song list I carry with me everywhere because it's a special reminder of memories I have. That feeling I get after hearing a great song is one of the best feelings in the world. Sometimes I smile while I'm listening to my ipod. People think I'm weird because I can feel the emotion in a song. Sometimes I can shed a tear if I'm listening to a sad song. Do anyone else feel like everything is alright after hearing a favorite song or feel like you're not alone after listening to your ultimate playlist? I sure do...
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That was really lovely

music is just so powerfull and yet it's so relaxing at the same time with lots of energy an healing for the mind music is the heart of life.