Music Calms My Soul.

My only vice is my need for music 24 hours a day. During the day, I'm usually at home, I usually have select music channels on the tv or my stereo on playing cd's. It makes me feel calm and relaxed, even listening to rock or punk. If I have to leave the house I am usually plugged into my ipod, my avoidance of having to speak to people, it too makes me feel more calm than if I didn't have it. I either plug my ipod into my bedroom stereo and let it play all night or put my favorite cd on repeat. If the music stops I wake up. I send my family crazy but they too know how much I need my music to keep me calm and happy. If I'm feeling particularly irritated listening to music calms my soul.
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Oh dear, ha ha ha ha ha!

Many years ago a local disc jockey on a rock station said he was going to give tickets to some much desired concert to the most truthful, gal who called in. he asked them personal questions to make the detewrmination.<br />
finally he got this very young and sweet wee lass on the air. Do you smoke he asks, No Do you curse he askes, no... Do you have a boy friend, yes.. what are your worse vices he says? I have no vices she replies.<br />
he goes through all 10 commandments and the same sweet lil voice giggles and says NO. finally he tells her she is about to lose because she isnt crediatable she must have one vice, again she giggles and says well maybe just one . . . <br />
What may I ask would that be young lady, who dosent smoke, dring, mess around with her Bf? What could it possibly be he inquired incrediously?<br />
I <br />
"lie"<br />
she whispers to him and sothern california laughed out loud.<br />
oh, yea, she did get those tickets.<br />