My Childhood Escapeds.

Laura and Shiela were two small girls in my childhood. Laura was slightly elder to me but Sheila was same age as me. we used to play a lot and play any damn thing. that time my **** becoming hard and my itch to put him into hole was growing.. so Laura kissed my **** many times and from her face it appeared that she liked sucking my ****. moreover as she sucked my **** he grew in size and that gave me immense satisfaction. Sheila watched very intently and demanded to suck the **** herself.. Laura nsucked **** for hours on end, she did not become tiredof sucking. this process anywhere, in the garage or loft or any damn place where we nobody was present or nobody ever visited.. i was reclining to wheel or sleeping comfortably, enjoying the girl sucking me, a bliossful feeling writ large on her face. and that satisfaction was wanted by me. she never allowed me to go for peeing also. if i said that i need to go for peeing then she will signal me to relive myself in her mouth. with practice iused to pee in her mouth and she used to imbibe it all. then she continued to suck and lick me. after some time a whitedischrge filled her mouth. but she licked it with relish and continued her sucking. that was most happy period in my life. Sheila also gave me satisfaction but she was not good as Laura. if Laura was not available due some reason then Sheila was given opportunity. some time i tried to ride Laura but she disapproved. for her the old game of sucking was important. unfortunately the girls were for one year with me. then due to transfer of thier fathers they were gone.. however i cherished thier memory even to this day. Laura was never seen but Sheila i met recently and we both laughed heartily over our foolishness. some of the friends have not beieved this story. but it is real life experience folks.
rod1944 rod1944 56-60, M Nov 2, 2011

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