Bus Ride Home ...

A very long time ago, when we were both young athletes, as we rode home in our school bus, you sat next to me. The guys team had played well and won. Girls had played hard but lost. I was never a good loser. You reached over to give me a hug that was more like a headlock. I pushed you off with a laugh. It was the first time I was aware of you as a man. I could smell all of you. The shower you took before the game. Your deodorant. All of your running up and down the court and the heat that your body gave off. I could even smell the victory you were wearing. What a wonderful smell! To this day, the smell of clean sweat is quite erotic to me.
fluffgirlgone fluffgirlgone
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2 Responses Oct 15, 2010

that is so romantic.

Yes, I agree! Scents trigger so many memories and responses in us. I have always been an athlete and coach. Sweat is primal, the product of work. Our efforts release hormones, change our chemistry, and fire our imagination. We see our potential and that of others. And when we are looking to mate, we are drawn to those who are productive, be they male or female. And that is an erotic expression. Hard working men and women, especially amongst athletes, are very attractive and erotic. I love how you became aware, saw him in a whole different way, and were drawn to him. All your senses and hormones were firing. :)

well, a lot of that was being a teenager on the brink of something else -

Yes, ergo, "... hormones were firing.". What a wonderful time in our lives, discovery and awakenings.