West Wind

There is nothing more glorious, more profound than the wind...I love its lilting spring breezes and its roof ripping furies...to run as fast as I can across the fields hoping to catch the tail end of the wind....such bliss.  It can tell you without a word that a storm is on the way, that the next season is just around the corner, that someone is close or is far...I dream of living somewhere  that I can shed my clothing and race with the wind and not cause neighbors to phone the cops about the crazy naked lady!  :)
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3 Responses May 4, 2007

when you find this place let me know! <br />
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life isn't complete until we have made love with all the elements...

You know I so agree with you on this one I want to go to Ireland one day go to one of their hills to catch a wind their naked and let the wind just cleanse my body! Wind is so refreshing and cleansing. It can heal your body soul and mind!

I shall honestly tell you that you better hold on to your clothes with claws and teeth! When you get wind on the West coast, it ain't cuddly and sweet or gentle. Oh, and wind in Ireland means - rain! I would also very honestly advice you to hold on to something solid and extremelly heavy. The great beauty of the storms on the West coast is the unpredictability and their intensity, the wind can change from a gentle breeze to a severe galein 45 minutes, and it is so fierce that there were moments I thought my clothes were going to rip off, tear and get blown away (my very baggy nylon windbreaker and loose trousers flap at such velocity that all I see is a blur wipping behind me). I absolutely love the 'Redbull Storm Chase' event, to windsurfers and surfers, it is their dream to wait for and enjoy very high winds and extremelly heavy swell! I have great respect for their passion and choice of sport, I trully admire them, but I must say, although I watch them from land (while I try not to fly with the wind) and adore to feel the elements roaring around me, I have a lot of respect for Nature, and I would not dare to ***** off my clothes!

you should move to eastern Kern county...up here in the hills. When I lived here 5 years ago, I used to take this hike up the side of this hill on our property. I took a blanket and I would take most of my clothes off and just lay down, letting the breezes flow over my body...it does something to you, that is for sure...Well, someone bought the land right next to that sweet spot, so needless to say, I haven't been back for any naked zen.