Friends With The Wind

    I used to think of the wind as pleasurable, something in the background that I never really paid much attention to. But for the past year or so, I have really come to love the wind, and even feel that it communicates with my soul.  I love to walk my dog throughout the neighbourhood (and in particular to a place I call "my sanctuary") several days a week to feel the wind caress my face, tingle the roots of my hair and seep between my fingertips. I cannot depict why the wind is so beautiful to me, it just is. It makes me feel beautiful, it makes me want to leap out of my body and fly with it for eternity. It's one of those unexplainable aspects of nature that are better left undecipherable and just appreciated. 

    Sometimes I think the wind beckons to me, or tells me which way to go depending on the direction it's blowing. I usually think it blows just to please me, and smile or spread my arms out wide to soak myself in the loveliness of it.

    So I'm basically best friends with the wind, at the moment. Sometimes I find myself talking to it - either in my mind or out loud. An example: a few days ago, I was sketching a flower in my sketchbook, sitting on the garden wall. The wind was blowing a little too hard, causing my flower to sway a little too vigorously, and so I said into the sky: "Hey, that's not fair. Save me some of that for later... please?" It was actually a very fitting moment, and the wind faded into a gentle breeze, coincidence or not. ;)

    So yeah, how many other people have conversations with the wind? I'm a hippie like that, I suppose. =D

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2 Responses Feb 17, 2010

American Indians called the wind their brother, their prayers regard
the wind as a spirit. I honestly believe they were right in many, many
things. I believe all in Nature have a soul, but that is our individual
choice to believe in. I choose to believe it.
If you ask me, which of the following I would choose: to speak 5 languages fluently (English, Arab, Spanish, Japanese, German), or to learn to speak and understand the language of the winds, trees, oceans and animals... I think I would gladly prefer to learn the ancient language of the elements... Yes, I believe that when you speak to the trees, the rivers, the animals and the winds, they all listen to us, because they all have a soul.
Thank you for this beautiful story.

Thank you very much. :) I do think we need to stay connected to the wind, it seems to hold secrets and give us hope, like the rest of nature.<br />
As for talking to the wind, I'm glad you approve. We should meet up and arrange a tea party with it, or something. =P