The Wizard Of Oz Theatre Show Is Coming...

I loved the movie, and now I'm excited for the chance to see a great director (Webber) deliver a great theatre show. There was a contest on BBC called Over the Rainbow and it was basically a reality show looking for the next Dorothy.

Google it to find out who won. On my way to buy tickets I found a quiz about the movie that ended up telling me I would have been the cowardly lion.

Anyways, look out for this show should be worth seeing.
dsottimano dsottimano
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2 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Glad you enjoyed the quiz, you should watch the over the rainbow reality show series if you're into Dorothy. <br />
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You should be able to find it on youtube...enjoy!

Thanks for the quiz address - I took it - not Dorothy though - <br />
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I was the Scare Crow - <br />
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I think I will start a group "WTK what character you would be in the Wizard of Oz" - don't you think "DorothyofOz" starting that group would be appropriate?? LOL! Thanks again!