The Meaning Of Life...

It's a Sunday evening. The house still smells faintly of turkey and stuffing. My entire family is huddled together in our living room, sharing popcorn and candy when suddenly a lion's roar fills the room. A sepia toned image fades onto the television screen and my pulse quickens. It's that special time of year when Thanksgiving is followed swiftly by my birthday and then my favorite film is broadcast across the nation. It's time for "The Wizard of Oz".
I doubt that I'll ever be able to articulate just how important this film is to me. As a child I found myself entranced by the wonder and music, but as I grew older, the simplistic story became a symbolic cornerstone of my life. Like so many other's I can recite the dialouge with ease and cant help but hum and tap my foot to the perfect score, but what is it about Oz that touches the hearts of millions every year? Is it the amazing talents of Judy Garland? Perhaps the eye-popping Technicolor sets and costumes; or the magical special effects? All of these factors, and countless other, contribute to the majesty of this 75 year old film, but for me the story itself is timeless.
The movie touches on experiences and emotions that we all endure in life. Who hasn't felt inadequate or inferior to their peers? We all strive to be as brave, loving and knowledgeable as we can. Life is a constant quest, a journey that is filled with crazy characters along the way and when we look back on our years we'll realize that some of it wasn't very nice, but most of it was beautiful.
Oh... and that there 's no place like home.
onemooretime onemooretime
22-25, M
May 21, 2012