Living the Oz Life

When I was a child, Oz was my biggest passion.  I loved all 14 of Baum's Oz books and read a couple of the 30 something others that were written by various other authors.  Every year when the movie came on, I would cut out all the ads I could find.  I read up on all the trivia (Did you know that an Oz book was written with a Ouija Board?), collected paraphernalia, even joined the Intenational Wizard of Oz Club, Inc.  I went to the Winkie Convention in Yosemite three times.  My mother's maiden name was Osborne and I used to tell myself when I grew up I would take that name and change it to Ozborn.

Okay, I was a little overboard but, for a kid with a hellish life, it was the perfect escape.

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4 Responses Feb 26, 2009

That explains a lot.

This is an adorable story. I am also a life long Oz fanatic. Did you know it is also an allegory of the economic times of the time. The stories are so creative. I collect the Madame Alexandar Oz dolls. I also have the Jim Shore collection which is beautimous. I want to go to the Convention. You should post a whole story about the convention.

i'm a lifelong wizard of oz fanatic too! the books, the movie, everything i could room in my old house was a huge tribute to it! it's a wonderful story that i still love today! :)

I want a music box that plays "Optimistic Voices" (you're out of the woods, you're out of the dark, you're out of the night... step into the sun, step into the light....)