Yes, I Do.

Especially when the word "clear" is coupled with the word "concise"!

Just give it to me in clear, concise terms.  Enough of the muddy and the murky, enough going 'round Robinhood's barn" (and did he reeallly have a barn?? I never saw that in Sherwood Forest!)  Cut to the chase people.

Out of a "clear blue sky" conjures up pictures of a beautiful day and suddenly something wonderful happens!

I love the quote:  A "clear" conscience never fears midnight knocking" .....that just says it all.

"Clear" and refreshing......the taste of a sparking glass of cold water on a hot summer's day.

"Crystal clear" and "clear as a bell" are clear signs I will "get it this time" hahaha.

"Clear" mixed with crisp and clean makes me think of the air when walking on a snowy night holding hands with the one I love.

Yes, "clearly" I like that word!!

Oh, there is just one more before I go.......

I think its pretty clear, I need to get my little butt outta here for your safety and mine!

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1 Response Feb 17, 2010

Thanks! I look forward to seeing it if you post it. :')