Boss Loves Looking Up My Skirt

My fiancee, jenny, came home one night after a temp day in an office in London. As she passed me i n the kitchen, I lifted her little skirt.

I love knickers and the variety Jenny wears. And I also love knicker inspections!

"Those knickers are new. You did not wear them this morning," I  said,

"Go and sit down and I will tell you what happened today. I will bring you in a glass of wine."

She followed me into the loungeanbd sat down opposite me.

"You'll  remember this morning I put on a summer dress which just covered my knickers. Well, I was wearing a garter belt and the suspenders holding up my  black stockings could be seen whenever I leaned forward.. Well, my boss for the day noticed when I sat down at a desk opposite hime. And when another secretary spilt coffee on my lovely green dress, he offered to help me. I followed him into a stock room. He told me to climb a ladder resting against a bookcase so he could inspect the stains. When I was standing high enough  so he could see up my skirt, I felt his hands moving up my nylons until they reached my knickers. I cold not move, so aroused I was. "I think your lovely knickers are quite damp." he said.." Let me see," he added, ruffling up my skirt  to expose my pink satin  knickers. " I have some new knickers I bought for my wife but she refuses to wear frilly knickers which she knows I love. but she hates."

Jennny continued with her story. "He rolled down my pink knkckers and I lifted my feet so he could remove them completely. From a nearby drawer, he pulled out a really sexy pair of white frilly knickers for me to step into. Very gently, he eased them up over my stockings and suspenders until they reached  my bottom.. He told me to come down to see of I felt comfortable. As I descended. his hands held up my skirt until it exposed my new knickers to his gaze..I was hypnotised but enjoying the tension. I could see a mirror he was looking at, and I too was entranced at the sight of my frilly white knickers ande black nylons. He said he loved their shiny white rear and how aroused he was. I stroked the bulging front of his pants while I released a catch holdling up my dress . I stood close to him, clad only in my satin bra and white frilly knickers, black garter belt and nylons.

It was the first time I had done anything like this, and I pulled away, protesting my innocence. Whatever will my boyfriend say!

It was my turn to react now.

"You have been a very naughty young lady. Go to your room and put on your shiny plastic french maid costume. Keep on the white frilly knickers your boss gave you so I can see for myself what he saw,  What do you think I should do then?"

"Whatever my master wants," she replied., leaving the room with a quck fkick of  her skirt to tease me. "I love wearing these frilly knickers, my darling.
I think you should drape me over your knee, lift up my maid skirt, anad expose my knickers to your hand.  "

She returned a few minutes later, "Wow!" I said.

She was wearing a white lace head piece,and a white frilly apron. Her black plastic costume . pushed her lovely bosoms so they struggled to remain concealed,. and the hem rose as the walked towards me. She stopped in front of me. I lifted her little skirt and was pleased to note the frilly white knickers were still in place. I enjoyed their sillky fell as I ran my hands over them.

"Is this what your boss was enjoying?"

"Yes but your maid is ready to take her punishment.," she whispered, drapiing herself over my knee.

"Now spank me over these sexy white knickers. He did not do that.

My hand landed on the target, and she squirmed with pleasure.

"More," she shouted. "The master must be obeyed at all times My boss has a  drawer full of sexy knickers. I wonder which ones I will be wearing tomorrow when I  come home!"

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hot the boss should have ****** her though!!

great story! very hot.

A good sexy knickers story, I liked it.

Juny auditioned for the local pantomime last week. The director required six girls to dance a cancan in the opening scene. Juny was selected of course, She just loves teasing .and making me jealous.<br />
First night came. I had a front row seat. In comes Juny in a green satin dress which she lifted up with gusto, followed by the other chorus dancers. <br />
She wore dark brown stockings held up by white suspenders. Lovely! Then white shiny granny knickers covered with frills. I looked around at the young boys in the audience, and all were enjoying the spectacle as they looked up their skirts.<br />
The audience cheered when the girls turned their backs and flipped their skirts up. <br />
All the girls screamed as they swayed from side to side. Their white shiny panties were exposed to the strong spotlights.And my Juny was in her element. <br />
The male dancer walked across the line and pretended to spank each girl, winking at the audience.<br />
As we drove home, Juny said she loved having her bottom spanked on stage. She was still wearing her costume. I knew what my duty would be when we reached home. And I could hardly wait to put her over my knee and spank those frilly white knickers. <br />
She is such a naughty girl!!

I know when Juny has had some fun when she comes to bed in a baby doll and stockings.<br />
I put my hand inside her nighty to feel which knickers she is wearing . Then she tells me about a young manager in her office who has a thing about knickers and stockings. She teases him by bending over and letting him look right up her skirt.. As she tells me about her fantasies, a hand tightens round my member. He fondles her white granny knickers as he pulls her over his knee.<br />
Sometimes she wraps some knickers over my member as she tells me about all the office lads fondling her panties, suspenders and stocking-tops.