God's Word For Us

I too love the word of our God.   It is nice to hear that some one else beside myself is into doing daily independent bible study.  I feel I need to have the word  each day for survival.  Its a comfort for any mood I'm in.  I am a survivor so being in the word reminds me that I am wanted, needed, and loved.  For me that is all that matters. 


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1 Response Apr 11, 2007

We humans have choices about how we treat the natural environment and one another. We can be apathetic to destruction, or we can take a step of genuine faith by awakening from spiritual torpor and fighting for the lives of one another and the planet we depend on.<br />
- Karen Baker-Fletcher, Professor of Systematic Theology at the Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University<br />
We seek rescue, O God, for the millions trapped in human trafficking and modern slavery situations, whether for bonded labor, for forced prostitution, or for child soldiering. We seek justice, O Lord, for those who perpetrate such crimes; stir them also to true repentance and reconciliation. We seek your kingdom's values in the world rather than those that say human lives may be bought and sold and treated as commodities. May your will be done, amen.