I Feel That Da Vinci Was On...

I feel that Da Vinci was one of the all time great minds of the western world.  I think his ideas were fascinating.  His painting is somewhat ambivalent for me, b/c I don't think he always accomplished what he set out to do.  He approached so many things as problems to be solved, not as esthetic exercises.  That's why he never finished a lot of things; he lost interest.  His knowlege of anatomy tho is amazing.  What I have read of his notebooks is astounding. A genius, who was not very happy in his personal life, his mind was constantly searching for answers.

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I have seen anatomical studies of da Vinci and the Mona Lisa compared, and there is a remarkable agreement in structure. But maybe it was a relative? It is true that he was personally very attached to the painting for some reason. He theoretically never really finished it, he never gave it to the patron who commisioned it (altho it was paid for), and he took it with late in life when he was invited to come live in France as the guest of the French kinf Francis I, where he lived till he died. (I think at the chateau of Blois in the Loire valley. That is how the Mona Lisa came to France. It was NOT stolen by Napoleon as many think. Da Vinci left it to his friend Francis I in his will. For some reason, I don't think he would have treasured a self portrait like that, but who knows?

The first "ask.com" hit recounts what I once heard speculated on an art history show which is that Mona Lisa is a SELF portrait of Leonardo and his genius is laughing at us through the centuries for being the churls we are compared to him by not recognizing him.

Beautiful as he was (and the Donatello figureis), I think the assumption that he was homosexual is probably true. Perhps b/c ofhis unhappy childhood (rather rejected by his father), he never seemed to have a stable relationship with any women, altho several men, usually younger, played an important role in his life. He was such a genius, with his mind constantly swirling with new and untried ideas, he was probably difficult to live with anyway. Personally, I think he suffered from what we call ADHD today. He was a true scientist, but able to express his ideas in an artitic manner. His pure drawing skills (anatomy) are amazing. Definitely a remarkable and fascinating person.

I totally agree, but I think it was a haterd of bordom more than a love of science that drove him to do so much. There was always a hint of the "brat' in him, even in his younger days. If you want to get an idea of what he was like as a boy, take a look at Donatello's "David". Most art historians believe that Da Vinci was the model for it since he was Donatello's student at that time. here's a website if you want to see a young nude Da Vinci: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donatello's_David

I think he was a true renaissance man in how well-rounded and varied his interests and talents were. I found his flying machine design especially intriguing.