She's An Amazing Writer

I was in my mid twenties when a friend turned me on to the writings of Anais Nin. Before that I would read the erotic stories published in certain men's magazines, such as Playboy, Hustler, and so forth. One night her and I got to talking about erotic literature and she asked me if I had ever read Anais Nin, or Henry Miller. I had heard of Tropic of Cancer, but had never read it before. Well that night she lent me Little Birds, Delta of Venus, and White Stains. I read Little Birds cover to cover that night, and over the next few weeks I read the other two books. When I told her I was done with the books she told me to keep em. I was over joyed. To this day I read them over and over again. I began to research Anais Nin I learned of the movie Henry and June, and low and behold the video store I was working part time at had it in stock. I watched it twice that night. It is one of my all time favorite movies. Anais Nin has also inspired me to begin writing erotic stories. Soon enough I will post one of the them in the group for erotic story writers, but right now I am shy about my writing. 
GothicXCupcake GothicXCupcake
31-35, F
Aug 28, 2011