My Love Knows No Bounds

I am bound but not by ropes nor chains; No cuffs hold me in place. I am bound by your stare slicing through my soul, by the heated glow of this carnal desire. I dare not move from your embrace as you masculine flesh takes me to the edge and pushes me over; I am bound by your strong hands pinning my hips against yours in the rhythm of our passion. I am bound by the inferno burning deep within me; the very heat of which causes my breath to hang in the darkness in gasps. Yes, I am bound but it is by my deep love and passion for you, and not by man’s confines.

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46-50, F
7 Responses Jul 2, 2012 are very passionate person, m sure u r!

Thanks y'all.

Aren't you a little jealous of my pink handcuffs? LOL

I sure did. MMMM

Did you say ropes, chains and cuffs???? ;)

Nice one :)

thanks. My song didnt post so I guess I will need to re do that. it didnt post on either one last night? ugh