The Idea Of Happiness

It seems as if we are mostly career-oriented people today. Go to school, learn in school, go to more school, graduate a number of times, get a fancy high-paying job, be successful and happy in life. It seems as if we spend a lot of time on learning so we can be happy in life, and yet are we happy while learning? Does this even lead to happiness in life? Only those who want money will be happy with the result of going through the numerous years of college before getting a fancy office job.
And it seems to me that we've turned from a world of thinkers and learners to a world of cheaters and avoiders. Many people, at all costs will avoid taking a test or cheat in school without looking at the bigger picture. The one person who's actually brought up that bigger picture was my geography teacher 9th grade, last year. 
He would always tell us in graphic detail about his job at McDonald's oh so many years ago, and that if we didn't take the testing seriously we would end up flipping burgers for the rest of our lives. 
It seems though, that even my geography teacher didn't quite look at the big picture the right way. 
Perhaps we should be going to school to learn, simply to learn. 
Is it strange how when you think of "going to school" or "going to work" you get somewhat tired just at the thought? And that the times we are truly happy are short and trivial. Just the other day I went to the park with my mom (quality family time) and we sat on the swings, just swinging. And I sat there staring at the wood chips and thinking about how suddenly and simply happy I was. And just the thought made me happier, like Happy Squared. 
I read a book titled Poster Boy, and in the book there are many attempts to make the environment better than it was, to undo the damage humans have done. And in this book there is this theory that there is a formula for nature- G2L. Two parts gratitude and one part love. Like water- H2O. 
That instead of trying to change nature and make it better, you're grateful for it just the way it is. The love is where you take care of it by giving it what it needs. Not necessarily changing it. Perhaps happiness is the same way. Perhaps we all are capable of being very happy people, if we just look at life the right way. 
saverwaver saverwaver
18-21, T
Jul 19, 2010