When I was younger my parents both loved the X-Files and would tape it every Friday. One night, they were out of town at a friend's wedding reception. Back home, my brother and I were battening down the hatches in anticipation for a bad storm. The storm got pretty bad and tornado warnings were issued. Before too long the power went out. But apparently the weather was fine where Mom and Dad were. Mom called and my brother answered. "Hey, could you tape the X-Files for us? We forgot to set it up before we left." My brother, who had been freaking out because his girlfriend, who lived in a trailer park (everyone in the Midwest at least knows thats the worst place to be in a tornado), wasn't answering her phone, said to Mom, his voice raising more and more as he spoke, "I don't know if you know this or not, but there is a Freaking Tornado Warning Going ON HERE, SO NO, I CANNOT TAPE THE X-FILES FOR YOU! We don't even have power, Susie's not answering her phone, and I'm kind of freaking out here!" He tried to explain his outburst. Mom and Dad were pretty surprised. "It's not even raining where we are, but the sky is full of dark clouds." That night four tornadoes touched down over a very short period of time. Susie was fine although the trailers on the street behind hers was torn to bits. That night became infamous in IL as the April 97 Tornadoes.

Ten years later, I've moved out of my parent's house and am living on a small budget so that means no cable television for me. So I ask my mom if I can borrow her X-Files tapes. In a span of about three months my fiance and I watched nearly every single episode from the Pilot to Fight the Future to The Truth. And we loved every minute of it. We still talk about episodes all the time. Now we're into CSI, doing the same thing - going back and watching all the episodes from the first season on. And at the end of the first scene in every CSI, after the teaser, I say something like, "Oh, this is the one where they *insert any X-Files plot*."

We all can't wait for the sequel!
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There is something out there , Moulder.