Old School

I began reading the comic with issue 155 so far back in the day I would not even be able to tell you the year. I was hooked from that first book. I ended up with becoming a collector who held books back from the 120's all the way up till over issue 300. By the end of the 90's I had begun to become dissatisfied with the comic book industry and I quit right around the time of the end to the "speculator market" that had taken over comics. People who believed that collecting comics would put their kids through college found out that their un-opened Death of Superman comic, found out that the only reason old comics were worth money is because they were RARE. What is called the golden age of comics was during the second world war. There were paper shortages and many old comics were destroyed. That's why books such as the first Superman and the first Batman are Worth tens of thousands of dollars not the carp people were buying in the late 80's and 90's. Most of that stuff was over printed and more to the point garbage. When these speculators went back to sell their books no one wanted to buy them and the whole industry imploded


X-Men were spared this market phase and Marvel put out multiple titles. The problem was that drains the writing staff and the true fan, the reader is the real victim. The stories lost their punch and when that happens gimmick writing shows it's ugly head. Whole stories about a character getting a new costume show up. Some new hyped up villain appears only to fizzle out when readers find such characters flat and uninteresting. I lost interest when they took Wolverine's metal skeleton. what could of been a good story arch turned into the "bone claw" crap that drove off many a loyal reader.

I've heard through friends that they haven't gotten much better since I walked away with more cotton candy members and even having Wolverine join the Avengers. (BTW folks if you didn't know, the industry will shift around a fan favorite character in order to get you to buy that book when it's own sales are dwindling)

I will always be able to say I was a fan of the book before it turned into the sludge the industry now churns out.

If you really love the book go back and pick up books 125 thru 184 of the series. Those books are gold


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I wish I had gotten into these comic books seeing how into the X-Men I am right now. Next to Batman, the X-Men are the best superheroes.