Does Anyone Else Remember This Early 2000s Cartoon?

Created as a spinoff to Batman Beyond and taking place in a futuristic DC Universe but dealing with almost all new characters, The Zeta Project told the story of 15 year old runaway orphan Rosalie Rowan and her best friend Zeta. Zeta is a U.S. Governemnt built infiltration and assasination (black ops) robot, built with an artificial intelligence so complicated only a few people could understand it, his creator endowed him with a conscience. Without knowing if it worked, he was later seperated from the robot when it was put into service. When given an order to assasinate, Zeta refuses and goes rogue, presumed dangerous by the Government, Zeta relies heavily of Ro to keep him from standing out in public and to help him learn about humanity.

The two stars of this WB cartoon are among my favourite fictional characters. I can't believe they only gave it 2 seasons, I guess everyone was so busy watching pokemon and card captors and whatever that they missed shows like this and x-men evolution which ran along side it and batman beyond. Gods I'm glad they're finally starting to make shows with comic book style writing for adults, but why does it have to be live action if it's for adults and not comedy? Why can't shows like this be geared towards older teens and adults? This show came along near the end of an era for TV cartoons, and the lack of interest by it's key demographic killed it, but if it had been made to target a different demographic, it would have been a smash, I'm telling you!

I've only been able to find it to download in wmv, and it's not on TV nor on DVD, but I still think everyone who's the least bit interested in animated comic book type shows needs to take a look at the Zeta Project
AngelaDark AngelaDark
31-35, F
Aug 3, 2010