You are awesome and you have a head,

You are a woman and your name is Fred.

BAM! I am so good... Fred with the head... stay cool love ya girly.

I know you will go all weak at the knees from my beautiful poem but please try to refrain.

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10 Responses Apr 30, 2010


rotflmao E, E show us your hairy moobs, you simply must if you wish to see our boobs!

LMAO!! Sure thing Mara, we want moobs! (not on us though).<br />
<br />
Fred watch it E pinches nips! *runs over and pinches E's nips* haha

LMAO awww come on E!!!!

LMAO woot woot! Haha Ersatz, show us yours now!

He totally just showed us up woman :(

Awww, ersatz that is lovely


Why thank you Mara, I spent 24 seconds on it and I am exausted. Fred was worth it though, she's adorable.

Me either but we still kick ***! ^5