My Gateway

Once upon a time....

I was living in the center of my complex labyrinth, filled with trick questions and periods of utter dull conversation to disinterest seekers of myself. Though years went by, many attempted and failed, the walls now overgrown with thorny bushes tipped with poisonous angst. Not just a means of self protection as it originally was intended, but a sadistic game.

No one can survive the peril which is this task the mask thought gleeful. All the while the sensitive maiden was hidden behind miles of walls... Whom could ever be brave, patient, with true intent to rescue the person beneath the mask? The person of whom I speak is Theologian. Extraordinarily kind right off the bat, when so many were cruel. This has to be some jest, his curiosity will surely die fast if he keeps up at this rate I thought to myself sadly. I both wanted him to find my true soul, and created new traps in the maze for him to fall in. Trust me my sweet boy, you just don't want to go there.... That is surely the reason I am alone in this world. Though the gallant warrior continued on till finally he was at the center. Beaming I brought him into my arms, the walls were still up but he was to remain in the heart of it, open to whatever he sought knowledge of without sassy replies as vague answers.

Time has passed, and the walls are but shambled ruins. Small enough for even the lowest creature to climb over. I no longer hesitate, or hate without cause. I am selective of whom I tell what but without the mind games involved or ignore those deemed with mal-intent altogether. Life if short. Waste no time on the negative and those who mean you harm. Meanwhile I am enlightened in this bright world. Joyous for the light and out of the shadows. Every time I see a butterfly I grin with delight, for each is an agent of happiness and spawned by the same spirit Theologian is made of.

Yes, I love him. For he is a gateway to happiness & true friendship. 

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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

*head explodes*

Thank you Socalkins - this story means a lot to me <3 - I am glad to hear that I helped those dastardly walls fall down. Plants and sensitive maidens just don't grow as well when they're hidden away in the dark :)

and the string helped - don't forget the string :)