This One Is For You Red Baby

Omg in the world did I miss this experience ... 


Okay here we go * clears throat ..and tests voice range * do .re , me , far , sew ,la ,tea ,doe.....


R is for the Really sweet comments you give

E is for Every nice pm you ever sent me 

D is for the that Dangerous kick a** avatar ..(nice)

L is for the Loving way you treat others

A is for how you embrace Anyone that needs it 

D is how you will Dillgently stick up for your circle

Y is just because your You 

Put it all together you get a Kick A** , compassionate , loving , smart , sassy , sexy ...Redlady .... there is no other 

This is for you Babe ... =-D

softkitti softkitti
22-25, F
10 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Yes she is florida ..and so are you darling make sure you tell me when there is a group for you ... because your..the best litte breeze that florida ever made =-P ....thank you darling

ahh thank you amy sweet *cuddles amy*=-)<br />
<br />
ahh yes , Empty I am a geyser of weird metaphors...and wacko humor ...I am truly the chosen one ;-P<br />
<br />
*giggles* thank you Star darling ..but Red is easy to be kick a** about no? ...*shines pink light on Star * there your brightened day got a little girlie color =-P

A kick *** poem for a kick *** friend!!!!! Bravo Red and Bravo Kitti!!!!!!!!!! Ah, you people just brighten my day!<br />
<br />
P.S. I just saw this group too! I'm sorry I didn't join sooner my dear!

"your the meringue in my lemon meringue pie"<br />
<br />
Best. Metaphor. EVER.<br />
<br />
And the story is so very true ^_^ I actually started trying to sing it in my head to the tune of "Do re me" :D

oh nice :)

Way cool! I like this much better!

yayayya ...I saw it and thought it was so beautiful ... I was hoping you would use it !!

aww * runs to red and hugs her tight* your the meringue in my lemon meringue pie ...sweet thing !!!

Oh and I dragged and dropped that pic..... I see potential avatar in that one.......

Ohhh Kitti....... I'm speechless...... *wipes a tear* Think I'm gonna cry......