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I don't always get good TV reception from my rabbit ears TV antenna, so I try to watch episodes With any of my Browsers on my PC. Last night I wasn't able to do that as the CBS web site said I needed Version 9 of the flash player. My version was 11.????, and usually when I have that kind of trouble, I need to get a newer version of flash, NOT ONE TWO YEARS OLDER!

It was getting late, so I headed to bed. My iPad mini is there, in case I get any late night ideas and I tried to view the TV show on the iPad mini, This time it was reported that the video wouldn't work on my device. I put my ipad away and went to bed.

Today (the next day) I tried to view the show with a different Browser on the PC, still no luck. I found that Apple doesn't support Flash on its products, so I started to search for something that did. There were at least 4 browsers that did, I found a review of three on Youtube and decided to try the Free version of Puffin. It's a 14 or 15 day free trial. I tried it and it worked, so I bought it for $2.99 - The review had it at $.99, so it went up in price, but it did what I needed to do, so it was worth the price to me.

Later I tried a few other unique features it has by playing some games on Facebook. You can scroll the mouse with a virtual track pad and scroll the screen with your finger. I was able to play the games as if I were on a Desktop computer and not on a mobile device. You can also toggle in and out of full-screen mode. Pretty cool! It also works on iPhone and android although I haven't tried that yet, and I may not as I'm running out of memory on those devices (2G and 8G, where as iPad has 32G).
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

It's a real pain in the ar$e that the iPad doesn't support flash player. I will look for that Puffin now. ;-)