Dying To Survive - Ace Da Vinci

She spends her night with a bottle of rum thats half gone
Shedding her tears to goodbye songs
You can ask her whats wrong, her? she'll just smile
walk in the next room & keep a low profile
She doesn't care about the fastest way to get paid
Nobody tells her what to do except the switchblade
One cut here nobody'll notice
til she loses so much blood her eyes cant focus
It's hopeless to tell her things will get better
when she gets otherwise from the weather
cause everytime she's looking out the window its black in the midst
& she can only see the tracks on her wrist
She figures being alone is not that bad
If you ever had the childhood that she once had
She talks about her dad in the form of a question
like "Was he drunk when he didn't wear protection?"

She said the world is so pretty when she closes her eyes
Her friends tell her that they love but she knows its a lie
cause everytime she cries out...they float in the sky
& she feels let down, so she chokes & she cries
& she hopes that she dies, engulfed in her own pain
on these days, the black midst changes to rain
it represents her tears, she thinks shes insane
cause it snows outside when she trips on cocaine
her mother wont talk to her, all she does it cry
the resr of her family wont even look her in the eye
why try? why lie to her face? & tell her that you care
she gave up trying to escape, cause pain is everywhere
with that being said, she lays in her bed
if you tell her get a life, she'll say shes already dead
& she's not that far from it

She's on a tightrope & she's about to plummet, & its a long way down...

She's getting colder every second that I hold her
& I'm trying to console her let her know that it aint over
but its hard...because shes breaking at the shoulders
all the pressure & depression is beginning to control her
but I never let her go, I never let her fall
I never let her break, I never let her crawl
I always let her know, she deserves to stand tall
Shes nothing short of a champion, she's been through it all
& if she ever needs me, all she does is call
& I'll be her support, her foundation & her walls
She told me all she wants is to able to feel
When she bleeds from her wrist, to be able to heal
& thats when I tell her one time
Sooner or later you'll be looking at the sunshine

They tell me love is the movement, I hope that it is
cause if it isn't then she's running out of reasons to live
bathanie bathanie
18-21, F
Jul 31, 2010