Nice Song For Lonely Souls At Nights :)

This is a song from my country so i had to translate the lyrics. Sung by Dara Rolins: Anjelik môj

Little Angel of Mine
My angel, where do you fly,
when you don’t stand near by me?
When you are not with me,
you can't see the sorrow.
Who knows how you look like?
What's the colour of your wings?
Maybe you are air and breeze of ours.
I think you have more appearances, though.
Be a beautiful storm for a little while.
Caress my cheeks with rain,
Like a tiny sparkle fly through the darkness,
I will tell you everything. You are my angel.
Like a tiny sparkle fly through the darkness.
I will tell you everytinhg. You are my angel.
[guitar solo]
My angel is falling from the sky,
Drop by drop caresses me.
I'm not sad any more. I know, he is with me.
My angel flies above me,
He is the guardian of my steps.
I know he always fly to me gladly,
I know he possibly won't get lost in the distance.
My angel flies through the square,
He's the guardian of my steps.
[I know he always come to me gladly,
When smile disappears from my face.] 2x

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*big hugs back* :)