My Bfs Roommate Likes My Boobs And Butt

my bf is 6'5 and his roommate is 6'6 and hes black and muscully and im 5'8 and i like tall guys so one day i went to my boy friends house and he was out of town and wouldnt be back till next month  his roommate told me.then he was like girl let me see dem boobs i was like huh and he said yos heard me let me see dem boobs and i said why and he said dem so big i want dem  and  i was like umm i have a boy friend . and he said but there are so damm big i really want one lick and i went fine he carried me to his room rubed his big muscurly hand up my leg  untill he reched my butt stuck his hand in my shortsand said take dat bra off baby  so he took my shirt and then my bra and saiddos boobs are huge whith out that bra on let me fell them and he toke my shorts till i was fully naked and thn he fingered me and lick my boobs then he moved down to my butt and started to lick the inside then went back up to my mouth and we started french kissing i tayed over that night with him scince my bf was out of town we cuddled allnight then he grabed my butt and pulled my real close and whispered us da sexy one baby. :)))))))) 
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6 Responses Jun 19, 2011

Worse story i had read yet. Sry.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

I am a guy and that is just wrong just because ur bf's away doesnt meen you could just have sex with his roomate my gf did that to me

It's what ***** do clearly. Very sad.

You are the reAson why guys dont have girlfriends

We need pictures.

sorry got no pics wish i did

We need pictures.