REM - No One Writes Poetry Like This Into Their Songs Anymore:

Chorus and the Ring:
it's the poison that in measures
brings illuminating vision
it's the knowing with a wink
that we expect in Southern women
it's the wolf that knows which root to dig to eat to save itself
it's the octopus that crawled back to the sea.

The photograph on the dashboard taken years ago
Turned around backwards so the windshield shows
Every streetlight reveals a picture in reverse
Still it's so much clearer, I forgot my shirt
At the water's edge, the moon is low tonight

Boy in the Well
The track mall gang went off
On the Tennessee goth. a lunar moth,
You chrysalis and flail.
The water is rising. you try to rappel.
A rousing cheer for the boy in the well.
precipice66 precipice66
Nov 20, 2011