Keep The Streets Empty For Me - Fever Ray Lyrics

Memory comes when memory's old
I am never the first to know
Following the stream up North
Where do people like us float

There is room in my lap
For bruises, *****, hand claps
I will never disappear
Forever, I'll be here

Morning, keep the streets empty for me

I learned to not eat the snow
My fur is hot, my tongue is cold
On a bed of spider web
I think about to change myself

A lot of hope in a one man tent
There's no room for innocence
Take me home before the storm
Velvet mites will keep us warm

Morning, keep the streets empty for me

Uncover our heads and reveal our souls
We were hungry before we were born

*quick note:

Keep the streets empty for me - - keep your heart open for me, so that you can live my dreams for me... so that we can achieve our dreams together, just keep your heart open so that we can realize the wonders of love... we were alive in Heaven before this physical reality, hungry for spiritual food before birth, for the Love... the stream up north, up to HEAVEN, the stream or river of light and Spirit... floating in Heaven, with the Wings of Love carrying us... no room in my lap for scars and brokenness, I will heal and fix ya with my SWEET LOVE baby... I will be with you always... forever you have my Heart living in yours... being the bubble of protection around you... no room for hand clasps, no room for suffering constrictors.. the LOVE will be our open road of freedom... learn not to eat the snow, the ice - the fake love of the world... my tongue is cold, to calm your fire, to soothe your hell within... to water your hellish thirst, due to dry heat... melt the ice of my tongue, for the droplets in your soul to drop, to cool, to feed... in a bed of a spider web, at your mercy baby... the strings of your soul, your entire energy envelops me, and you... change myself to suit you..  hope in a one man's tent - well friendship is two souls in one hearts as one... no room for innocence - - the ignorance that blinds...hard reality to embrace for full ecstasy without ignorance to dull the ability to feel... feel everything just as it is, no drugs to take the feeling away... before we fight, before the storm, give me love, take me to the Home in your heart... velvet mites, living off the "old skin" like a snake's development, as we develop the old skin keeps on falling off, the faster the more mites, keep us warm, hope in our growth, it is not for nothing... uncover our heads with the veil that separates spirit and material, reveal our SPIRIT... SIGHT OF HEART.
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Dec 26, 2011