Vengeance Is Sleeping By Neko Case

I sure wish you could hear her sing it, instead.

I didn’t know what a brute I was
I dipped my cigarette and rode the bus
Vengeance built me hastily
And I drag the clanging notion I was nobody, nobody

All I had was my invention
And my love invented on you
Oh, look what thoughts can do
What thoughts can do
If you’re not by now dead and buried
You’re most certifiably married
Oh, married

I’m sure you’re sleeping sound
With a mistress of the hours
The hours that grind your life to dust

Oh, easy loves
You keep like pets
Denied them you are powerless
Whatever keeps you sleeping through the night

I’m not the man you thought I was
My love has never lived indoors
I had to drag it home by force
Hired hounds at both my wrists
Damp and bruised by stranger’s kisses on my lips
But you’re the one that I still miss
You’re the one that I still miss
And it's ruthless that it comes as no surprise

I’m not the man you think I am
I’m not the man you think I am

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another Neko Case seems we are few and far betweenn! Neko Case is an incredible Women with an equally incredible talent as a singer-songwriter. I would give anything to watch her play live! it also looks like we are due to see a new album very soon..looking forward to it

Drive hours to see her if you must. Ive seen her four times now, ALWAYS ALWAYS top notch. She sounds exactly the same in person - no effects on that voice.

...i would drive days if i could...but my drive would be very long since i am in another hemisphere! guys are very lucky to have live access to music so accessible.

oh! Where are you? Yes we are lucky, shes wonderful

lol South long drive

Wow! Im just happy that you've heard of her, shes not even famous here yet.

yeah - been listening to her since I heard Bleeding heart show by the New Pornographers

Thats another underappreciated band. I love that song 'myriad harbor'.

dont you know.......All the really good bands are underappreciated! god knows why as i cant understand why people would not want to listen to them.....good song by the way

Its more special that way. When the white stripes got huge it was kinda disappointing that we couldn't just go out and see them for 5-10 bucks at a bar anymore. You wish them success, but.....

that it long as you have someone to share it with...nothing worse than hearing a great track and not be able to appreciate it with someone

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just searched on youtube for this song.

It's a great song.... she's got a powerful voice.

Now I have a new singer to explore. Thanks

I would gladly burn you every cd if you wanted it. She is a siren.

I'm goimg to embed the video in a story in the group so we can listen to it.

Great idea. I never remember to do that.

Wow, someone GETS IT! Shes a siren, and a genius lyric writer.

Have you seen her live?

Lol, guilty husband. Cant even get any peace in his dreams

: ) I made it up to him.

No, I've seen live video performances and once on that tv show that Elvis Costello had, she was genius on that. She's definitely somone I want to see live someday.

Ive seen her 4 times. Her voice is the real thing, sounds just like her records on stage.

Great song! I have it on CD and on my MP3 AND on the player in my computer. She's so good. I was playing the CD once in the living room, very low while I putzed around, and those haunting lines....'Not the man you think I am" wafted deep down into my husband's consciousness while he was sleeping in the bedroom and woke him up. Had been playing the entire CD and he never batted an eyelash. Ahahahaha....LOL!