Husband And Wives Pride

How true those words husband and wives pride. I gave up my pride many years ago not with my wife with me. I hung in there when i should of run no i just hung in there. thirty five years i have loved that wive of mine only to find out that she dose not love me any more. Come on tell me the truth will that not just knock the pride right out of a man. Let me tell ya all straight up it sure will sit you down when you walk in and you see her sitting with another man. You want to hear the first words that i heard was people screaming Douglas don't i may not do to many things good, but scraping that is one of the things i do good it dose not scare me one bit to carry a round a black eye for a while,and a little man he was. Yes the feelings just rushed through me as i drove a way. Yes i hate my wive, but i got some of my pride back that day, i am proud i did not brake my bond that i once promised that i would never brake its took some time to bounce back. I some times still wish i could not blame her she asked me to for give her and i told her a all ready did but that dose not change one single thing that you have done. You see when you brake this kind of a bond there is no coming back not to me any way. I guess may be so husband and wives pride and hate yep i hate my wive.
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