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All Evanescence songs I listen to I find words inside the songs that have huge meaning to me. Such as in My Heart Is Broken when Amy says "Release Me, I Can't Hold On" I agree because there are times when I'm just barely tottering over the edge and can't hold on. I need to be released. In Everybody's Fool when she says "You're Not Real And You Can't Save Me" at the end of the song I feel like I've been there at some point in my life where I can say that to myself and know that I can't save myself, only outside forces can save me. I'm whole, but not. I'm a very morbid person and tend to listen to things that can make me cry, such as "The Last Son I'm Wasting On You" especially when she says "Sparkling Gray In My Own Veins" knowing she's sad makes me connect with her even more because I'm rarely ever happy. There's few times when I'm on the verge of being happy, but I'm never TRULY happy. And Amy's like that as well. You know? I just know because I observe and I have the ability (one of many) to understand people and I understand Amy Lee the most even though I do not know her. I only know her mind, for I can somewhat touch it with my own. One of my many abilities. -gives small smile- Amy Lee is just one of the many people who's mind I have touched and have found solace in hearing her thoughts. Only few people have made me feel that way. Very few. But Amy Lee is one of them and her mind has great impact on my life. I can freely converse in my mind with some of my friends, but Amy is always there, but out of my reach of conversing with her. If I could just converse with her then we could bond further. I cannot converse with her, (as in telepathically talking), but I can send her thoughts and feelings of mine andĀ receiveĀ images and words she thinks. It is a puzzling thing and I am working on making it better, that and my healing abilities. I can heal headaches and hurts, but not cuts nor bruises. That would take much practice and time that I do not have, though in the future I might. :) I also have prophetic dreams that cause me great stress when I have them. I also think I travel to other worlds whilst sleeping because the places I see cannot possibly be on Earth. And some of the people I encounter there I have never met before so I think that I am visiting other worlds in my sleep, which is interesting. Now I must go to bed, but I shall share more things because mysterious things shroud my life and existence, for what I am I suspect, but I shall give more information later. :) Goodnight and sleep well to all who read this. :)
FluffyFirerose FluffyFirerose
18-21, F
May 11, 2012