Heart Vacancy

It has been a while since I have heard a song of "Today's Generation of Music" that has really captured me.
The very first note got me sucked into the rest of the music. Not only was the melody beautiful, but the lyrics really speak a message.
It was actually the first line that made me begin to cry.
"I hear your heart cry for love, but you won't let me make it right."
I can heavily relate to this song. I love songs with a powerful message, and 'Heart Vacancy' is definitely one of them.
In today's standards, most songs are just pop with repeating lyrics about sex, boys, and getting wasted.
Where did the passion go?
I grew up with Whitney Houston, Boys II Men, Mariah Carey, Luther Vandross, and many other singers that sung from their hearts.
Singers of Today continue to disappoint. However, they are certain singers and bands of Today that amaze me.
To me, they are diamonds discovered in a desolate and isolated area. They stand out for who they are and what they say.

But I digress.

If you know The Wanted, then you have been given an amazing band whose lyrics touch hearts.
If you do not know The Wanted, well...

You have to. You will not be disappointed.
Destati Destati
22-25, F
May 11, 2012