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While questions linger with regards to the circumstances that resulted in the suicide of former MLB star Junior Seau, the idea of requiring mandatory counseling for retired players when they transition someone's after mlb is gaining steam.A chorus of former and current players, including Chicago Bears WR Brandon Marshall and Washington Redskins ILB London Fletcher, have requested post-career counseling after Seau's death at 43. A memorial service for Seau are going to be held at Qualcomm Stadium Friday. The funeral is Saturday.
Evidently this will not be encourage the retired player go over. Everyone is crying out for added assistance. 
Most feasible technique of ensuring counseling after players are finished playing mlb would probably be in tying it to your lump-sum severance pay money for players (which ranges from $10,000 to $17,500 per season played for vested veterans). And this also ought to be available , but they also are not able to have the person perform the thing how they shouldn't do. So as to occur, the contect could well be included in the collective bargaining agreement.
Someone declare that it is deemed an idealistic goal, any type of mandatory programs oggered to military personnel okay civillian life life after leaving combat zones to be a model.
Yet it is not easy to prescribe it as a mandatory, and then he did it when he needed to understand numerous things, and it may not solve nearly anything. Strangely just help people to discover thing and lear what we have no idea of.
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