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The Houston Texans history is limited considering they were established as an expansion team in 2002. The Texans were created after the original Houston Oilers were moved to Tennessee and became the Tennessee Titans. The Houston Oilers moved to Tennessee courtesy of owner Bud Adams, which cost him millions of dollars in lawsuits. This move prompted a dry spell for Houston without a professional football team, considering the NFL was not adding teams at that time. Bob McNair, who had been working to bring the NHL to the city, instead founded Houston NFL Holdings, which was headed by Steve Patterson, an associate of McNair.
In 1997, a report was issued stating the attractiveness of Houston, Los Angeles, and Cleveland for expansion teams to come. The Browns' move to Baltimore which made Cleveland a promised destination for the next expansion team. This would bring the total to 31 NFL teams in the league. Commissioner Paul Tagliabue praised the efforts of McNair and Patterson, including their decision to build a domed stadium to entice the NFL to return a team to Houston. Within the next three years, the Cleveland Browns were given a new team, and the NFL determined that they would add an additional team, either in L.A., Toronto, or Houston. This worried many of the fans of Houston football, because television and advertising revenue was a big part of football now, and they were almost certain that the NFL wouldn't turn down the chance to have a team in Los Angeles, which is the second-largest TV market in the country.
In 1999, it was decided that L.A. would get the expansion franchise, but only if they could have an ownership team and stadium deal in place by September 15th of that year. The two groups in L.A. were facing a standoff, and tax dollars were not allowed to be used for the new stadium, putting the progress at a standstill. It was at this point that they realized that L.A. was not nearly as prepared to host an NFL franchise as Houston, who already had plans for a state-of-the-art stadium and the proper people in place for team ownership and building the franchise. The Houston officials were told to attend a meeting in Atlanta with the NFL owners, at which point the L.A. group put in a bid of $540 million for the new franchise. However, McNair had better financial resources and wisdom, bidding $700 million for the franchise, this gave them the rights to the franchise, as well as the 2004 Super Bowl game.
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