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I have seen Ritalin improve reaction time in subjects, improve time on task, and improve focus. During the course of a long season these would be valuable to any professional athlete. But Ritalin and other stimulants also decrease appetite and may cause difficulty sleeping, two problems for any athlete. But the way, I have seen Attend improve reaction time in college athletes whose baseline reaction times were much better than the "middle of the bell curve" too. Perhaps these MLB players ought to look into Attend instead.
So, for what it is worth, let the players who have legitimate medical diagnoses for ADHD use whatever treatment they feel will benefit them the most during the course of their season and their career. Isn't that what any adult with ADHD wants Doesn't every adult with ADHD want to be able to choose the best treatment intervention for their particular type of ADHD?But for the players who want to "get an edge" by using stimulants without legitimate medical reasons, let me suggest that you just use our ADHD eating program plus a cup of coffee before the game. You will get much the same benefit, but without giving a bad name to the players who actually need the already has made changes in the TUE process for 2008. Before a player will be allowed to use a drug, the team physician must send the prescription to the independent administrator for approval before the player uses the substance. 
So should Ritalin, Adderall, or other stimulants be viewed as "performance enhancing drugs" as steroids and HGH now are?No. Ritalin, Adderall, and other stimulants are treatments for a real medical condition called ADHD. If the condition exists with a player, and he has been diagnosed by a real medical doctor, and that player goes through the MLB exemption process, then he should be allowed to receive his prescribed treatment.This is not to be compared to an athlete taking illegal or controlled substances, without a doctor's prescription, to make that athlete bigger, stronger, faster, and more competitive.
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