Z-ro Gets To The Real ****

Help me please
I'm blinded by my tears and I just can't see
So many devils tryin to recycle my soul
Cause in the ghetto where I'm from ain't no flies in the groves
Just niggaz and hoes
Send me a sign
Just to let a nigga know that he been on ya mind

Hmm, **** just be so ****** up out here in these streets mayne
You feel me? Straight up
This is the sea of life, and I'm drownin
I know I can swim, but feel like I keep sinkin down in
these waters and I cain't breathe, I feel like I'm gon' blow it
I can see people holdin a life jacket but they won't throw it
Entertained by my struggle and they'd love to see me die
Why not love to see me live instead of helpin my family cry?
Like a homeless person with a sign, I would work for food
Ain't no shame in bein helpless it's a part of payin dues
On an everyday mission tryin to collect 5's and 10's
So many worries I promise my bones show right through my skin
Fancy cars and a mansion? That ain't never been my goal
A hooptie would be fine, plus somewhere warm when it's cold
I know what it feel like, not to be able to call the shots
Have a pen but no time to connect, all the dots
Therefore I do what I can do and then get down on my knees
Cause I can't make it by my lonely, Jesus help a nigga please

I relate to this song because I am from the gehtto, the gehtto life is hard.. I have been homeless and he said it right describe everything that you try do to out on the streets. When you out there all you want is somewhere warm and a soft pillow to rest your head on at night. Most people goal in life is to be rich, not when you out on the streets you would be happy with a little shack where you stay dry during the rain, can take a shower, and sleep without worrying about someone shooting at you. All I did when I was homeless was pray for the day I would have somewhere to call home. You sit there and watch all these people pass you in their nice car, and you there with a sign saying "will work for food".. I would of done a work of a man to get a sandwich from people, and I was happy with that damn sandwich. It gets to the point where all you hear everyday and all day is your stomach growling. Its a hard life to live, and hard to get out of the streets too. All the people you thought that had your back , that was going to stick with you thru thick and thin.. Its all a lie, they are going to be there when you shining and on top of ****, but right when you fall and need help they are gone.. Then you are alone and at that very moment when you look around and nobody is there is when everything hits you and you break down and hit your knees and talked to the one that will always be there...
imperfectbeauty imperfectbeauty
18-21, F
May 25, 2012