This Song Describes My Life For The Past 7 Years. Echo By Jason Walker

The song is called Echo, but instead of just typing the lyrics, I'm pasting the link to Youtube, so everyone can listen to it. I love Jason walker

^^ when you play this song, stop it for a sec, then open up a new tab, and go to Google. Type in Rainymood, and click the first option that pops up, it makes it better!

I posted the link to the Rainymood right here too:

Then when you got to this website ^
you should automatically here the rain, and you can adjust the volume to it by clicking on the volume icon near the bottom!
Then go back to youtube and continue playing the song!

enjoy (:
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This song is perfection<br /><br />

YES it most certainly is. I love all his music, but this one just hits me right down to the core