The Photographic Equipment Has Already Formed The Dominant Position.

Connaught A1682T tripod belong to tourism angel series, with dust waterproof, seismic damping and rapid lock etc. And after reset after it still can treat as single leg frame and alpenstock use, greatly enhance the tripod diversity.

Connaught A1682T tripod for 4 day stand, the biggest diameter of 25.2 mm, highest can rise to 1590 mm, for most users such height has will be enough. The horse in the folding placed height is only 440 mm, the weight is only 1.75 kg, in the same grade aluminum alloy material stand in isn't heavy.

In fact, in the tripod products, domestic Outdoor Equipment has already formed the dominant position. In addition to the jie letter, manfrotto, and so a small number of Europe and the United States brand outside, in the sale tripod product most is homebred brand or by domestic manufacturers of OEM. Accessories products starting speed, low technical content, so special easy to form product homogeneity. In this background, like connaught so constantly carries out product design innovation and introduction of new products manufacturer, it is very commendable.

Digital camera original battery price of money, I believe we all know this matter, the battery life and difficult to control, it makes a lot of people are at a loss and domestic Battery Grips was born to let this awkward situation got certain link, today we recommend for a domestic brand - product wins.
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Sep 21, 2012