Many People Like To Buy A Spare Battery For Camera.

The author was buying a spare battery from Mycamerabox, original SLR battery to 300 yuan, decided to spent 50 yuan to buy a domestic products. Product - depending on the strong technology research and development strength and good brand reputation, the company in the digital batteries, portable power supply and so on segmentation industry long-term maintaining market share first. Remove camera battery later, product - product line includes mobile phones, notebook, etc.

Today this article is not help which homebred brand advertising, the author just want to tell everyone home also has a lot of company is engaged in the digital related business, whether you are active or passive boycott boycott, these are all give you a choice.

But we have to admit that,Camera Batteries still have very big difference, the best way is not patriotic fist up to hit to his compatriots, we should calm down more reflection, and through the joint efforts of the whole industry, let China's image technology in the world a place ah.

trhaine trhaine
26-30, M
Sep 21, 2012