Shunkan Sentimental- English Translation From Japanese.

The promise that shouldn’t have been made
Will try to steal our future today, too

Even if I gain the things I wanted
I wonder why I can’t be good at laughing honestly

The overflowing tears aren’t of weakness or regret
They’re pieces that pain produced

No matter in what moment or destiny
I knew there’s only one certain thing
Thinking by myself, rather than being at a loss now
I’ll go greet tomorrow

The switch of my heart’s landmine that I’ve wanted to have all this time isn’t off
I want to destroy the unchanging future
You’re always looking at me; a common melody-

Even if I laugh about it being trivial to other people
I wonder why it sparkles and shines all the more

What’s the truth and a lie? Not by reason
I want to feel it with my heart

Surely even love is an illusion
I don’t want to fool you, even if I’m to get hurt
Because we run into each other
Enough that I strongly wish I’d want to share with you

Under the blue sky where I can almost cry, at the intersection, I reached out my hand
Can we still be together like this in 10 years?

No matter in what moment or destiny
I knew there’s only one certain thing
Even at my limit, even in difficulties, I don’t want to give up
Don’t leave me like this
Because the warmth of your right hand that I firmly gripped
Is here

Song composed by Scandal for the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist
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1 Response Nov 1, 2012

I love this song. Its the 4th ending in brotherhood right? :D

Which ones your favorite opening and ending?

Opening 5 & 4. And ending 1, 3, & 5