I Love These Lyrics

I love these lyrics from the song 'Give the love around by The script'
See the thing about Karma is she loves a bit of drama, yeah
Loves to hunt you down and pay ya back for the things you did
Before you turn a positive to a negative
Better pray before you know exactly who the **** you're dealing with
This is not a dance rehearsal, let me tell you kid
Whatever you put out there is coming back again
Years may burn (ohh)
Tables gonna turn
Karma's coming back around
Either way you're gonna learn
To give love to your neighbour, love to yourself
It don't matter bout your status
Man your health is your wealth
We can all point a finger but there's four pointing back at yourself
I'll be the bigger man now
Give a little help...............................
Monoka14 Monoka14
18-21, F
Nov 5, 2012