New, Used And Refurbished Power Meters

Power meters are an essential tool in any electrician or electrical engineer's toolkit. Accurately measuring the electrical or optical power being delivered to a home electrical system or to its fiber optic system is crucial for determining safety needs, evaluating electrical problems, finalizing wiring for new construction and determining to what degree RF power amplifiers need to be employed to amplify the optical signal. Failing to accurately measure such critical readings can lead to all manner of problems, ranging from costly repairs, damages to wiring and other expensive electrical systems, safety risks and hazards and even the loss of a contract or employment when things really go terribly wrong. To this end, keeping accurate and operationally sound fiber power meters on hand is an absolute necessity for any professional working with electricity and wiring in residential and commercial structures. For fiber optic lines, being able to accurately measure bandwidth allows technicians and engineers to determine.

whether or not the system provides the bandwidth to users that it should, or whether an RF power amplifier is necessary.
Power meters do not come cheaply, though, or if they do, caution is advised before making a purchase. In the case of brand new equipment, exceptionally high prices abound, which is not completely unexpected in light of the high-tech nature of the devices. Buying new electrical test equipment can be a good investment for businesses with the capital and credit necessary to afford the devices, but the initial cash outlay will set buyers back considerably. Many smaller businesses, independent contractors, schools, universities, research facilities or amateur electricians and engineers simply cannot afford or justify the expenses involved in purchasing electrical test equipment at brand new prices, driving prospective buyers in to the hands of potentially disreputable persons selling their own used electrical test equipment through print and online classified advertisements.
While buying electrical test equipment used can present some very considerable savings, it is not a practice which is without risk. On the contrary, buying used versions of anything often comes with the admonition for the buyer to beware. There is little available in the way of assurances or guarantees from private sellers of used equipment, and damaged or defective Optical Power Meters can result in technicians, electricians and engineers getting inaccurate readings on optical cables, resulting in the amplification of a signal using an RF power amplifier that leads to problems later on with the bandwidth provided and available. Likewise, using a defective
Intelligent Power Meter to test a building's electrical power, receiving an inaccurate reading and acting to correct the supposed problem can result in huge losses to equipment and the electrical system at hand.
Shopping from a reputable and established dealer in both new and refurbished used electrical test equipment offers the best of both worlds. Knowledgeable and experienced customer service staff can assist shoppers to make the right purchase for their needs, offering great savings on used and refurbished equipment and selling only the best used electrical testing equipment.

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