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I love music, and lyrics, and the meanings behind each set of lyrics means something different to each person, and they dont have to be deep meanings, or even profound meanings. They are important because even if they mean nothing to someone, they mean everything to you. even if its just to make you smile. :) here are a few song lyrics that I LOVE:

Dallas Smith - If it Gets you where you wanna go...
If you wanna go back, if you wanna move on
If you wanna get lost, if you wanna go home
If there's a will then there's a way to get there
If you wanna stay close, if you wanna go far
Go on ahead and follow your heart
One thing I know is we're all going somewhere

It could be a cold beer, talking to an old friend
It could be your mama's house, and how it hasn't change one bit
It could be a silent prayer to the man upstairs
That lightens up your soul
It doesn't matter what it is
If it gets you where you wanna go

Paul Brandt - Risk
-- Basically THE WHOLE SONG IS GREAT... Youtube it. I love all the lyrics to this song.. and it just touches the soul.! its perfect.

Gavin Degraw - I dont wanna be
Part of where I'm going, is knowing where I'm coming from
I don't wanna be anything other then what i've been trying to be lately
All i have to do is think of me and i'll have peace of mind
i'm tired of looking around rooms, wondering what I got to do,
or who I'm supposed to be. I don't wanna be anything other than me.

Tupac- Changes
--Again, the whole song = amazing.!! 

-- I LOVE many more songs too so i'll include them when I can. for now this is it haha 

Captain, Out.! 

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Nov 26, 2012